I love color and experimentation.  My subjects include landscapes, florals, still life and animals.  Initially, I worked only with soft pastels but since have branched out into collage and acrylics., often combining these into mixed media pieces.  A number of artworks are inspired by my local surroundings and my travels as I always carry a camera with me. 


Amador County is a beautiful area.  Rolling hills dotted with oaks and cattle.  Vineyards and fields display green, gold and russet depending on the season.  Creeks meander in summer and rush with the spring snowmelt.  Wildflowers and garden blossoms abound.  Oaks give way to pines as the elevation rises.  Topping all of this are multi-hued skies with ever-changing cloud formations.  Is it any wonder I can't help but commit these scenes to paper?   

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